Saturday, January 23, 2010

First step is always...

...the hardest. I've been eating salads more regularly and checking what I eat, but I had not started exercising yet. I think it was probably a good thing too, especially during the first week of class. But today, since it's the weekend, I started with about 30 minutes of DDR. Nothing too hard, but I did do pretty well. Tomorrow, I'm going to push myself harder and practice working out twice a day. If my sister and I get around to it, we'll probably start heading over to the gym to do additional exercises.

For breakfast/lunch (I woke up that late), I ate some walnuts and a fruit snack. Not the best start, but I'm going to try and fix that. Then for a snack after working out, I had some celery, spinach dip, and string cheese for some protein. Unfortunately, the spinach dip is some brand I bought from has barely any health benefits, no protein, and is chalked full of fat. So I looked up a recipe for a healthy tofu spinach dip. I really need something that I can eat with my plain old celery because while I love celery, I tend to dislike eating it by itself.

For a late afternoon lunch, I had a Caesar salad, mixed with almond slivers, grilled chicken, and Parmesan cheese (sparingly). I used 2 parts Italian salad mix with 1 part Spinach mix. Since I'm trying to reduce the amount of red meat I am eating, a good way to get more iron in one's diet is to eat more spinach. Although one problem I can see right now is the Caesar dressing. It's really hard to find a lite, creamy Caesar dressing from my experience at Walmart, and the most Caesar dressings have more fat than even Ranch dressing. So I'm going to look at buying a vinaigrette instead, because they tend to have less fat, and if I'm lucky, I can find a vinaigrette with some feta cheese (^_^), although that might just add more fat... :/ We'll see...

For dinner, my sis made rice-a-roni with chicken. It was delicious, and a nice, warm, inexpensive meal. Plus, I had a side salad to help fill me up. Even though it's late, I'm going to make a trip to Walmart to grab some more food (best time to go IMO). I may start going to Save-A-Lot though when I get the chance, so I can look at their produce. In my hometown, Save-A-Lot was always the place to go for good produce (nothing against Walmart, which takes care of most of my other needs).

Tomorrow is a new day. I'm going to spend some time with some friends at some point (^_^), and probably work on some homework. I keep thinking of the goal in my head and that is what is pushing me forward. I can already feel a little bit better as far as my body and my energy, just by replacing a meal with salad and fruit. Once I get the hang of this, I can only imagine I will start to feel incredible!


  1. Go to the gym and use the heart rate monitors there. The worst mistake you can make right now is to overwork yourself! Keep your heart rate up for 30+ minutes at a time per day. Any less will do you no good. Even if it seems like what you are doing is easy, if your heart rate is in the cardio range you are working hard. Also, don't use the "fat burn" range.
    The best thing I've found you can do for dieting is to make things from scratch as often as possible. Frozen and pre-packaged foods are not nearly as healthy as what you can make from produce or raw meat.
    Try for your food journal :) It helps you keep track of not only calories but your nutrition as well!
    Call me whenever you need advice :) I'm here for youuuuu!

  2. ありがとう! Yeah, my sister and I really want to start making regular trips to the gym as much as we can (of course, it all depends on class, work, etc.). Yeah, I may look into getting a cheap heart rate monitor, now that you say that. It doesn't take much work to get me up to 120, so it shouldn't be too bad.

    Ooooo, they keep track of nutrition and calories? Nice! I've been working quite a bit on making things from scratch (the tofu spinach dip turned out nicely!), so my next step is trying to make dressing from scratch for my salads. I actually found a vinaigrette that had no corn syrup or nasty preservatives, so I'm going to use that in the meantime while I save up more money.
    Thanks! I'm sure that I will be asking you for advice all the time! (^_^)

  3. Their heart rate monitors are built into the machines at the gym, and they even have programs that you can set so that you don't even have to think to keep your HR up. The machine adjusts for you! It helps, especially as you're learning your limits. Try the elliptical - I bet it would be easy on your knees.
    On the Livestrong website, the calorie/nutrition counter is called the Daily Plate. You can even create your own recipe (my pierogie tostadas are on there ;D) when you cook at home. And if you eat the same meal every day, like for breakfast, you can make it a one-click thing too.
    I just joined a gym in UC, and with all my friends at work doing their NY resolutions, I've been giving out a lot of advice.
    Don't forget to keep it simple: If you're cutting calories and burning extra ones, you can't go wrong.

  4. Ooooo, anything easy on my knees would be wonderful!
    I can make recipes??? Nice! Thanks again!!!!! (^_^)


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