Friday, January 22, 2010


My name is Kaitlin. I'm a university student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Japanese. I also happen to write creative fiction on the side, and starting a blog seemed like an extension of what I already do.

I also have the great opportunity to go to Japan for an entire school year, and I will be going in approximately nine months. I have completed every Japanese course at my university except for this study abroad course, and suffice to say, I am EXTREMELY excited!

But there is problems: For starters, I'm overweight. I have only gone to Japan once before (a week long trip) and while I enjoyed the culture and the language immensely, I did not enjoy being unable to sit in small seats and chairs on the bus and trains. Plus, people don't drive that often in the area that I'm planning to go to...most people just walk or cycle. That doesn't bother me so much, but I would like to be able to walk places without arriving out of breath or taking hours to go places. I've tried to find many ways to motivate weight loss, and I'm hoping that this will finally push me forward. This will be my first intrinsic motivation for losing weight, as opposed to pressure from other people. Not that I don't mind support from others (^_^)

As for weight loss, I have a few plans. I want to post a sort of food and exercise diary on here daily, and also add tips about food, exercise, or whatever that I happen to learn about during this journey of sorts. I also happen to cook for my friends quite a bit, so I'll post any tasty and healthy recipes I come up with. (^_^)

I actually don't know what my weight is at this point, and to be honest, it doesn't matter to me too much. I just want to feel healthier. Many people just want to lose weight so they can look better: for the party, for that guy in class, for your parents...and this is why extrinsic motivation for weight-loss almost always fails. So for those who also want to lose weight, I challenge you to examine the reason: Is it for something else, or is it for you?

I want this to make myself happy and comfortable when I go to Japan. And if I happen to look nice, it'll just be a nice bonus.

By the way, if you can give me any tips and recipes, I'd be grateful! I hope you enjoy this as well (^_^)

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