Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Day that Never Ended D:

Airplanes. Suck. No matter how nice the seats are or how good the food is, I think they always suck. And 16 hours of flying to boot x_x

Our first plane took us to Atlanta. My seat was snug, as was expected, but the plane itself kept bobbing up and down, which messed with my ears like nobody’s business. Plus, after we landed I felt bloated and tired already because I had decided that staying up the night before would be a great idea.

No, it wasn’t.

In fact it was such a sucky idea that I ended up getting maybe 2 or 3 hours total on both flights. But I digress…

So I get onto the second plane, and we sit down. Mia has her belt on, and I start to put mine on when I realized it was not happening. There was about an inch from the buckle the other piece and I could maybe get the metal to touch but not go through. I spent 10 maybe 15 minutes struggling to put them together, knowing that if I don’t, I was going to have to buy a new seat ticket or leave the plane. But finally, by some miracle and great strength, I got it to click. Suffice to say, I didn’t unbuckle my seat belt until about 7 hours into the flight. And thankfully after I came back, I was able to buckle it with less effort, but it was still extremely tight.

Luckily as a distraction, we had movie screens built into the back of the seats in front of us so I watched 9, Julie & Julia, Ghostbusters, and The House of Sand and Fog. It was pretty awesome, but about into Ghostbusters I started to fall asleep. So I thought, “Perfect, I can kill the last few hours sleeping before we get to Tokyo.” But no, even with sleep music, that wasn’t possible.

When we finally got off the plane, Mia and I ran to bathroom, and as I started looking through my stuff, I realized I had lost my wallet. In the panic of trying to put on my seat belt, I had thrown my wallet into the pocket in front of me. I ran back through the terminal with Narita employees stopping me every few seconds to say I was going the wrong way, only to tell them in a panic that I lost my wallet. When I finally got to the right plane, they went to the plane and looked in my seat number and found not only my wallet but a keychain that my mom had given me. I was so relieved and the Narita security people were so nice and thoughtful.

Then when we got our luggage and made it through customs, I got my cash exchanged over to yen, and then took our some yen from an ATM. Then we bought tickets for the limousine bus to the Haneda. After arriving there, we were kind of lost as to how to get to our next bus, but we finally made it to our hotel and then crashed. It was eventful day to say the least. But I’m marking it as an adventure if nothing else (^_^).

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